Single Sign On (SSO) with Strongbox Handoff

If you have more than one Strongbox protected site you can use the Strongbox handoff function to link the members’ area of one site to the members’ area of another in a cryptographically secure fashion. The syntax for doing so is a bit weird. Typically you create a link that like this:

 <a href="/cgi-bin/sblogin/handoff2.cgi?">

The above link will take the user to the main members’ page of the site. If you’d like to send them to some other page on the remote site you can use this strange URL syntax:

 <a href="/cgi-bin/sblogin/handoff2.cgi?">

The above URL would end up sending them to:

Note that in order to link sites in this way they must have the same secret key set in

When we setup more than one site for the same customer we try to remember to set them all the same, but if you did one last year and are just doing another now we may not have remembered where to find your old one.