Linux Server Support

We are a Costa Rican company specialized in Linux Server Support:

  • All Linux Server distributions supported
  • We are Debian, Ubuntu specialists
  • Remote support via SSH and other secure methods provided by customer
  • Preventive periodic support
  • We support all kind of services:
    • Apache Web server
    • SMTP servers: postfix, qmail, etc
    • VoIP (Voice over IP) servers based on Asterisk.
    • Strong VPN servers
    • Database support: Mysql, postgresql
    • HTTP Proxy Servers
      • Content filtering.
      • Browsing Activity Logging, reports.
    • DNS server.
    • File server, Samba, NFS.
    • XMPP chat servers.
    • Other custom services.
  • Data recovery.
  • Production system support
    • Security Auditing and improvements.
    • Upgrades.
  • Netowrk and server Monitoring
    • Alerts: E-mail, chat and SMS.
    • Bandwidth graphs.
    • NOC: Network Operation Center deployments
  • Training

Contact us about Linux Server Support +1 (979) 216-3200 / +506-22444028