Outsourcing IT Support

Nearshore Linux Experts

Comglobal IT S.A. offers outsourcing IT support, we are specialists in Linux server and network support, management, monitoring and other IT services.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers today, and know why we are the most trusted Linux server support outsourcing providers in Latin America.

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We support our worldwide customers: we manage Linux servers in the Americas and Europe (more coming soon).

More than outsourcing: Nearshore Outsourcing: We are strategically located in Costa Rica, an innovation & human talent hub in Central America, very close to North American business markets and a convenient timezone.

Contact us and let us be your overseas partner.

Why Comglobal IT for Outsourcing?

Our customers recommend us because:

  • Our rock solid experience since 2006.
  • Know-how: we manage mission critical IT systems, when down-time is not an option.
  • We are located in Costa Rica: a politically stable democracy, solid growing economy, with redundant Internet connectivity, and convenient time zone (GMT -6).
  • We are know for our great customer support and low response times.
  • More than Linux servers: Our customers seek our expertise in all network related fields: Network monitoring, Security, Auditing, and more.
  • Our preventive support: is better to anticipate problems before they arise.
  • We are Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source) supporters.

Why outsourcing?

  • Lower costs: You can rely on our expert network support just when you need it.
  • Versatility
  • Minimal project implementation times.
  • We are experts in our fields: We are Linux and network Experts.

Hiring our IT services

Remote IT/Linux Support

  • We provide remote support worldwide.
  • Absolute confidentiality: your private data is safe with us.[mapa soporte outsourcing]
  • SSH access or any other secure remote access provided by you.
  • One time and recurrent maintenance.
  • Remote assistance to support your on-site staff.
  • We can install any linux server remotely, just install a basic system (e.g. a Debian base) and we do the rest.
  • Network security auditing.
  • Network infrastructure Monitoring.
  • Linux Server Security hardening:
    • Firewall: iptables, shorewall, etc.
    • Strong VPN: OpenVPN, IPSec, etc.
    • TLS/SSL configuration in your services.
    • Log consolidation and analysis (syslog, apache logs, etc).
    • Custom security analysis and prevention.
  • Post-attack analysis.
  • System recovery, when possible.
  • Multiple Linux distributions support: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSe, etc.

On-site IT support

  • We can provide on-site solutions: contact us for more information.