Payments and Bank Accounts

Bank accounts and payment policies

Comglobal IT S.A. cédula jurídica (Costa Rican tax ID) 3-101-588454

  • Banco BCR (Banco de Costa Rica)
    • USD: US Dollars, checking account
      • Type: Checking (Cuenta Corriente)
      • IBAN: CR98015201001027816206
    • CRC: Costa Rican colones, checking account
      • Type: Checking (Cuenta Corriente)
      • IBAN: CR86015201001027816034
    • International Wire transfers
      • SWIFT: BCRICRSJ and/or UNIVERSAL ID 019339
      • Account number: 00102781620
      • Address: San José, Costa Rica. Central and Second Avenues; Fourth and Sixth Streets
      • Bank Name: Banco de Costa Rica
  • Banco BAC Credomatic
    • USD: US Dollars, savings account
      • Type: Savings
      • IBAN: CR29010200009300694553
    • CRC: Costa Rican colones, savings account (for invoices in CRC)
      • Type: Savings
      • IBAN: CR65010200009300694487

Credit/Debit Cards

  • Visit our office in San José, Costa Rica.

Online payments

  • Bank transfer, see account numbers above.
  • Paypal: cuentas@comglobalit.com 
    • Paypal.me link https://www.paypal.me/comglobalit
    • Strongbox-related payments: use the forms at /en/strongbox/ or send payments to strongbox@comglobalit.com

Payment Policies

  • If you make a deposit or transfer please send proof to cuentas@comglobalit.com email stating the reason for payment, add support Ticket number if available.
  • Payment by check:
    • Subject to verification of funds by our bank.
    • If checks returned by the bank for any reason (such as lack of funds, signature error, etc..), You authorize us to apply a fee of $ 35 or its equivalent in an additional bill for administrative expenses.
  • Please use the same currency as the invoice you get from us
  • Standard Monthly Interest: 5% per month.