Services in the cloud

Outsourced support in Information and Communication Technologies

Achieve excellence in customer service with just the right specialized service that we offer

Comunication for companies

Improve the effectiveness of your business processes having your own domain and managing their databases and clients. Cloud platforms allow you to have immediate access to your information in a secure manner.

A VPS, or private virtual server, is a virtual partition within a physical server. If the hosting of your page has a medium level traffic that exceeds the limits of shared hosting plans, you can hire this high connectivity service. Or a supply a Dedicated Server if your traffic is of a high level.

Open systems are becoming more and more frecuent, we help you to implement software online according to the needs of your company and to have your data accessible and privately, from anywhere you are.

The accessible environments allow you to have at quickly information and knowledge bases of your organization. We offer you a Management System of the cases that enter your company to speed up customer service. Also with Wiki type documentation environments, you will have quickly access all the information your collaborators need.

With a private telephone exchange you can manage a PBX system that you can access remotely regardless of the physical address of your organization. Communicate privately, without resorting to a telephone exchange directly connected to the public network

Communicate with your databases through this open source software to send e-mail newsletters, marketing campaigns and announcements.

You can send a single email to hundreds or millions of subscribers.

Information security

Your business email service will be backed up and ontime, we provide you with a threat filtering service and a system that guarantees not to lose the emails you send us during a service outage.

We protect your systems from illegal practices as spam or fraud. This reduces the risk of theft and manipulation of confidential information (such as credit card numbers, user names, passwords, emails, etc.) thanks to the global security standard that allows the transfer of encrypted data between a browser and a server.