OTRS- Case Management System

No request of your clients will go unanswered

How about achieving excellence in Customer Service?

We have the ideal system for your organization to follow up on each client in the most efficient, orderly way. There are many ways to call it:

    • OTRS System

    • Case or incident manager

    • Tickets Systems

OTRS is the perfect tool for the attention of your clients. It helps you solve and manage all kinds of situations: • Complaints • Claims • Services that the client requests • Contracts • Project development CENTRALIZATION Keep centralized the work history of each client TRACEABILITY Know at all times the status of customer requests MONITORING It allows you to monitor the time spent in each case and the time reported by your employees. It is adaptable to the workflows of your organization

It consists of a Software that allows you to centralize and coordinate the management of different members of the organization with the client, suppliers and other collaborators, taking care of the supervision and traceability of the processes at all times.

The case manager becomes the ideal tool to preserve centrally history of working with each client.

How can we provide the service to you?

We designed a system to suit your needs

  • We implemented the workflow according to the processes your organization has.
  • Controls, alerts and other parameters are established to ensure adequate attention to each case.
  • The necessary custom reports are designed to ensure at all times be aware of normal or abnormal workflow.

Start-up of the system for your work team

  • Users and supervisors are trained, explaining the new way of working, in face-to-face and / or remote sessions.
  • We provide support in the use to guarantee a good and fast implementation.