What we do:

At Comglobal IT we want to help you create the safe and efficient work environment. We have a variety of solutions for our clients to use technology in favor of your company.

We believe in empathy and in solving problems so that you can progress in your work

The difficulty in the processes or not having the right equipment, can turn technological innovation into a heavy burden for your organization. At Comglobal IT we help you solve these problems by making your processes more dynamic and agile, through these types of services:


To have your information and your company’s processes in secure environments:

  • Web hosting
  • Web application hosting
  • Email system and collaboration platforms.
  • Installation and maintenance of strong VPN servers.
  • Mass mail systems in the cloud.


  • Support and installation of Linux servers.
  • All distributions of supported Linux servers.
  • We are Debian, specialists in Ubuntu.
  • Remote support through SSH and other secure methods provided by the client.
  • Preventive periodic support.
  • We support all kinds of services:
    • Installation and maintenance of Apache web server.
    • Installation and maintenance of SMTP Servers: postfix, qmail, etc.
    • Installation and maintenance of VoIP Servers (Voice over IP) based on Asterisk.
    • Database support: Mysql, postgresql.
    • Installation and maintenance of HTTP Proxy Servers.
    • Content filtering.
    • Navigation activity log, reports.
    • Installation and maintenance of DNS Server.
    • Installation and maintenance of File Server, Samba, NFS.
    • Installation and maintenance of XMPP chat servers.
    • Other personalized services.
    • Monitoring of networks and servers.



    • Mikrotik routers
      • RB951G-2HnD
      • RB2011UIAS-2HnD-IN (con Wi-fi)
      • RB3011 UiAS-RM
      • RB4011iGs+5HaQ2HnD-IN (con Wi-fi)
    • Dell and HPE servers
      • Dell server for rack PowerEdge R340
      • Dell – Server – Tower
      • HPE ProLiant
      • Generic Pymw Hardware Server PyME genérico: Server with recommended basic features
    • IP telephony systems
      • UCM6519 IP
      • GATEAWAY Model HT812. To communicate with an analogue exchange, communicate with an IP exchange
      • Telephones
        • Granstream model GXP2140
        • Granstream model GXP2160
        • Granstream model GXP2170
        • Mitel model 6731l
        • Telephone keypad GXP2200 EXT
      • Headsets Plantronics CS520



Comglobal IT offers courses of limited capacity of management and administration of GNU / Linux systems, oriented to companies that wish to train their collaborators in administration of linux servers