Technical Support

Outsourcing in Information and Communication Technologies

Network Infrastructure. Design, installation, support and administration of network infrastructure: Support to servers, datacenters, network links, databases, telecommunications systems
Your network will be in good hands with our technical support of infrastructure. We ensure that your data, links and systems work efficiently and appropriately.

Networks and Servers monitoring. Alerts (email/chat/SMS) before problems in linsk and status of network equipment.

Monitoring shows a threshold of “well-being” and indicates when an anomaly or failure is occurring. You will know proactively about the health of your servers and networks. With simple applications you can detect problems at the moment they occur without your collaborators reporting the failure when it is too late.


Process automation and data backup. We offer systems that automate your processes and create backup for your company's data.

The system makes a backup server outside your website so that if it is attacked or hacked in any way, your page is not derecognized and can return to the latest version before the attack arose. Also with automation, you can access and monitor your company’s processes periodically without the need for human intervention.


Redundany of networks. Failover and balancing of multiple data transport providers.

Failover consists in the ability to connect to different backup internet signals. Your internet connection will be guaranteed, in case your usual provider fails, you will immediately connect to the backup signal.


Wireless Networks. Design of new network and diagnosis of problems in current networks. Segmentation of access points, security and frecuency use optimization, systems for visitors hotspot-like

Managing your router allows you to segment the internet signal to have different bandwidths for workers, managers and visitors of your company. We take care of configuring your modem so that you can perform this segmentation in a powerful router that allows it.

We also install Hotspot systems that allow your visitors to connect to Wi-Fi after entering their data, for future communications with them.


Virtual Machines. Professional server virtualization on free technologies such a libvirt and KVM,

Virtual machines consist of storage systems that allow collaborators to access a virtual space. It is protected with SSL in an encrypted way so that only designated persons have access. We use free technologies like libvirt and KVM. These Professional Server Virtualization (VPS) systems are ideal for when your physical storage (Servers, PBX) can not be updated due to their obsolescence.


Interconnection of branches. Network Organization of your corporate branches.

An automated control of the branches of your company allows you to know in real time how your inventory is moving. A Mikrotik Router connected to each machine allows them to communicate at all times with the server.


Telework and remote access. Teleworking and remote access solutions through VPN systems.

Having a Mikrotik Router remotely, from your home, will allow you to access key platforms and files of your company. VPS systems (Professional Servers Virtualization) guarantee this access in a secure and encrypted way protected with SSL.

Expert support in Linux Servers. Expert support in Linux Servers, specializing in Debian and Ubuntu.

We provide this specialized care in cases in Debian and Ubuntu required service. Consult availability to us in order to provide this service required.