Linux servers

Comglobal IT is a Costa Rican company specialized in Support for Linux Servers:

  • Support to all distributions
  • Specialists in Debian, Ubuntu
  • Remote Support (by ssh) and face-to-face
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • We manage all kinds of services
    • Apache Web Server
    • Mail Server with postfix, exim, etc.
    • Asterisk Telephony Server (Voice over IP: VoIP)
    • VPN server
    • Databases: mysql / MariaDB, postgresql, others.
    • HTTP Proxy Servers (squid) with Web content filtering (blocking of web pages by users or groups)
    • DNS server
    • File Servers with Samba
    • Instant Messaging Servers
    • Custom Servers
  • We support existing installations and install new systems.
  • Data recovery
  • Review, audit and improvements to systems already installed.
  • Monitoring of servers and networks
    • Alerts by e-mail, chat and SMS
    • Graphics bandwidth and system variables
    • NOC: Network Operation Center
  • Training
    • Customized training for companies for IT departments.